Toc macro does not work in nested directories (BB-1007)

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Consider the following directory structure: {{{ |-- BAZ | |-- Content | |-- | |-- | -- }}} \ In I have a toc: {{{<<toc Content/>>}}} which should display a toc for all the files in Content dir. \ This doesn't work: Wiki macro error: Either directory does not exist or no files found. \ So I changed it to: {{{<<toc BAZ/Content/>>}}} \ Which does give the correct content. But when I press the links, instead of going to ///wiki/BAZ/Content/foo// it goes to ///wiki/BAZ/BAZ/Content/foo//

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  1. Mehmet Catalbas


    <<toc BAZ/Content/>> is the correct way to go as you said, and the links should be correct now, as wiki toc macro has been overhauled recently.

    Let us know if you have any issues.


  2. Paul Malmsten

    Also noticed the same problem.

    For the following example structure:

    |-- design/
    |   |--
 has the following contents:

    = Test =

    I expect the resulting link to be of the form /wiki/design/Test#!test

    The resulting link is actually of the form /wiki/design/design/Test#!test, which generates a 404.

  3. Nathan Shubert-Harbison

    I'm having the exact same problem.

    My structure is:

    |-- implementation_plan/
    |-- |-- content_types/
    |-- |-- |--
    |-- |-- |--

    My toc macro <<toc implementation_plan/content_types/ 3 >> shows the correct pages, but the links are all broken. They go to wiki/implementation_plan/implementation_plan/content_types/page#!page

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