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Issue #2228 resolved

Website root of bitbucket.org sometimes shows random profile instead of homepage

Anonymous created an issue

I've stumbled upon a very strange bug. When I type in bitbucket in Google, and click on the first link (http://bitbucket.org), I get a random profile instead of the homepage of the site (see screenshot). When I refresh the page the homepage is shown as intended. After the refresh, bitbucket02 becomes bitbucket03 in the footer. I figure this is the current instance as part of some kind of load balancing setup...

P.S. In my paragraph above, ')' is taken as a part of the url, which seems to be a small bug in the preview function of the issue tracker.

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous

    I have a similar problem except going to my url gives me random users: http://bitbucket.org/cheez

    Latest one was rrrhysbb]

    Is this problem fixed? I was just pointing someone to my repo for bitbucket and they saw this bug. Not very confidence inducing :(

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