Adding a new writer should add them to follower's list (in my opinion)

Issue #2237 wontfix
Ryan Wilcox
created an issue

In the repository admin section, if I add a user to the writers list, I was half expecting that user to also become a follower of the repository.

This behavior makes sense to me, as a developer, because if I've been given write permissions to a repository, I also want to follow what's happening with the repository.

I do see that the repository shows up on my Repositories menu in the header, in the "Other Repositories" section, so I could visit that repository and follow it manually, but if this happened automatically for me that would be great.

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  1. Justin Schwartz

    Disagree--Who you follow should be decided by you, not by someone else (and only someone else decides when you get access to repos not owned by you.) Since the reverse process (removing write access) definitely should not cause an unfollow, such a mechanism of auto-following could be easily abused to add followers to your project, and the trouble of counteracting that is probably excessive and not foolproof.

    Not all repositories I'm added to are necessarily repositories I'm actively working on or even worried about seeing updates for--so at the very least something like this should be an option for each user.

    Something more intuitive IMHO would be an area on the dashboard or account page that lets you see what repositories you have access to and an option to follow the repositories from there, or a follow-all button perhaps.

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