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Issue #2240 resolved

My dashboard does not contain recent activity (BB-49)

Kostas Symeonidis
created an issue

It seems that is had stopped getting recent activity at some point.

Comments (12)

  1. alexm

    If I visit <bitbucket.org/MYUSERNAME>;, <Recent activity> lists "No events for this user.". If I log in and visit <bitbucket.org>, all my recent activity is listed under <Newsfeed> (but still nothing on my user page).

    I seem to remember the recent activity being displayed on my user page some months ago, but it stopped working sometime in the past.

  2. JD Fagan

    Also, if you create 3 new repos, view Dashboard (shows 3 - correct), delete 1 (still shows 3 - incorrect), delete another (now shows 2 - incorrect - seems to be trailing updates by 1 delete).

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