Milestones should be linked to a Wiki page

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Alan Falloon
created an issue

Often there is a lot of detail around what a milestone means (goals, deadlines, etc). It would be nice if the milestone labels were links to a wiki page so that when you encounter a milestone in a bug report etc. you can jump straight to a page describing the milestone.

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  1. Alan Falloon reporter

    It could either automatically list the issues for that milestone, or you could use the feature suggested in Ref #226 (embeddable ticket queries in the wiki) to add the list yourself.

    Sometimes the extra flexibility is helpful, but its more work for the users. A nice compromise would be to generate a default milestone wiki page that contains an appropriate embedded ticket query.

  2. Ches Martin

    Bump. It'd be nice to see milestones as more of a first-class object with the goals, deadlines, issues and such mentioned, as well as some stats similar to Trac (but I see potential to do way more useful stuff than Trac currently does with them).

    I guess much of this could be achieved as discussed here with milestones linking to wiki pages, and those containing a nice default macro setup. But to have a concept of a deadline, for instance, and have bitbucket do nifty things with it, a richer model would be required I'd think.

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