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Issue #2260 resolved

Bitbucket Site CSS Impacts Rendered ReST (BB-492)

Jason Simeone
created an issue

The CSS used for Bitbucket's site has a tendency to impact rendered ReST files when the section headers in the ReST happen to match up with selectors used in Bitbucket's design.

An example can be see at https://bitbucket.org/jayclassless/memcacheinspector/src where the "Introduction" section of the rendered README.rst has a dark blue background (today, at least; a week or two ago, the background was white, but so was the text).

Comments (9)

  1. David Chambers

    Thanks for the bug report, Jason. I investigated the issue and now have a rough idea as to how this should be fixed. Hopefully we'll get this done in the next iteration.

  2. Randy Syring

    Just checking to see if we can get a resolution on this issue sometime soon.

    I have a lot of projects that use "Introduction" as the first heading in the readme so a lot of my readme's look awful.


  3. David Chambers

    Thanks for the reminder, Randy. I've just committed a fix and submitted a pull request. Hopefully this'll be deployed on Thursday.

    (I'm not sure what the best solution is, so for now I've just changed occurrences of "introduction" in our templates and style sheets to "introduction_". Low tech, but effective.)

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