Add X-Bitbucket-* mail headers to issue mails (BB-1021)

Issue #2278 closed
Tim Gerundt
created an issue

For client side issue mail filtering it would be really usefull, if you add some "X-Bitbucket-*" mail headers to issue mails like Bugzilla and SourceForge do:

  • X-Bitbucket-Username: kimmov
  • X-Bitbucket-Repository: winmerge-web
  • X-Bitbucket-Issue-Id: 6
  • X-Bitbucket-Status: open
  • X-Bitbucket-Responsible: nobody
  • X-Bitbucket-Type: bug
  • X-Bitbucket-Milestone: none
  • X-Bitbucket-Component: none
  • X-Bitbucket-Version: none

Greetings, Tim Gerundt

=== Bugzilla === X-Bugzilla-Reason: CC X-Bugzilla-Type: changed X-Bugzilla-Watch-Reason: QAcontact places@firefox.bugs X-Bugzilla-Who: X-Bugzilla-Changed-Fields: AssignedTo Status X-Bugzilla-URL: X-Bugzilla-Classification: Client Software X-Bugzilla-Product: Firefox X-Bugzilla-Component: Places X-Bugzilla-Keywords: crash, regression X-Bugzilla-Severity: major X-Bugzilla-Status: NEW X-Bugzilla-Priority: P2 X-Bugzilla-Assigned-To: * X-Bugzilla-Target-Milestone: Firefox 3.6

=== SourceForge === X-SourceForge-Tracker-unixname: winmerge X-SourceForge-Tracker-trackerid: 313216 X-SourceForge-Tracker-itemid: 3114642 X-SourceForge-Tracker-itemstatus: Closed X-SourceForge-Tracker-itemassignee: nobody X-SourceForge-Tracker-itemupdate-reason: Settings changed * X-SourceForge-Tracker-itemupdate-username: gerundt

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