Can source code from your site be downloaded?

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I can honestly say, I've never had a harder time getting a piece of code from one place to another!

  1. First I downloaded Mercurial and right after installation 'hg' gave me: "The system cannot execute the specified program" But, I figured that's not your fault, apparently Mercurial/Python must suck.

  2. Next I decided I'd check it out with SVN, and I didn't have much more luck. After a couple of errors saying that remote folders didn't exist and a painfully slow download I received the following error from svn which terminated the checkout: RA layer request failed svn: REPORT of '/frostwire/frostwire/!svn/vcc/default': Compressed response was truncated (

  3. Finally, I thought I would just try to download the code through the "get source" link on the page of the project itself. Well it turns out that all three compressed files are corrupted: zip, gz, and bgz.

This is crazy!

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