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Issue #2288 resolved

Parse/Render RestructuredText/Markdown/Textile files as HTML (BB-1080)

Victor Hooi
created an issue


Currently, Sphinx appears to be gaining traction within the Python world as the standard for documentation, particularly in Django projects.

Github appears to correctly parse .rst files in repositories, and render them as HTML. E.g.:


It seems a bit embarrassing that BitBucket, which is based off Mercurial and meant to be Python-oriented, can't even get this right. E.g.:


Github has better Python support that us? That's so not cool...lol. Would be awesome if this could be fixed.

Cheers, Victor

Comments (33)

  1. Tai Lee
    • changed component to wiki

    Wow. There's a lot of issues marked as duplicates for this request, and still no progress?

    I'd love to see this supported, and I'm actively looking for a suitable alternative Wiki solution just to get better reST support.

    I'd rather keep my Wiki in BitBucket alongside my code and issues, but reST is *so* much nicer to read and write than Creole, and as mentioned above, is pretty much the standard for Python projects.

    Even if I can't select reST as the processor for whole Wiki pages (or a whole Wiki), I'd settle for being able to nominate blocks to be processed as reST. Trac allows this, for example:

     FooBar Header
     reStructuredText is **nice**. It has its own webpage_.
     A table:
     =====  =====  ======
        Inputs     Output
     ------------  ------
       A      B    A or B
     =====  =====  ======
     False  False  False
     True   False  True
     False  True   True
     True   True   True
     =====  =====  ======

    which outputs proper reST formatted HTML, not just the raw reST with syntax highlighting.

  2. Anonymous

    Furthermore I would like to add that browsing directories should show the rendered contents of the README in that directory a la GitHub.

    Such inline documentation while browsing is extremely important IMHO (and its something I would consider leaving BitBucket for not having)

  3. densh

    Please do add this. That's really helpful for documentation (e.g. developers wouldn't need to manually convert markdown to html any more.)

  4. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Hi all,

    This is still in our backlog and hasn't yet been implemented. I'm not sure why this was marked as resolved, but this is certainly still open. We will be adding support for this in the future as previously noted, though we presently don't have a timeline.

  5. Unknown

    Do I get it right that this issue is about rendering *.rst files within your source code and issue #2444 is about supporting reST in wiki? At least for me the latter would be more important but the former would definitely be nice too. Based on the earlier provided example [1] the former, ie. this issue, seems to be at least partly implemented.

    [1] https://bitbucket.org/ned/coveragepy/src/default/doc/index.rst

    Jordi Pradel: In addition to adding +1 you can start "watching" this issue by clicking "watch" link in the box on the top right corner. I don't know what that actually means, though, but at least the number of watchers is shown there.

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