Email broker has stopped working

Issue #2290 resolved
Tim Conkling
created an issue

The email service stopped working sometime in the last few days. We've stopped receiving email notifications when somebody pushes to our repo.

This doesn't seem to be related to the repo itself (it's affecting multiple repositories). If it makes a difference, these are the repos we're using; the 'email service' is not working for either of them:

I checked my Spam box to see if the emails were mistakenly being routed there, but they're not.

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  1. Tim Conkling reporter

    Still having the problem. It started happening when one of the committers on the project started using ssh to push to bitbucket, and I was still using https. My commit emails stopped going through until I also switched to ssh. I just switched back to https to test it again, and my commit emails stopped being delivered.

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