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Issue #2310 resolved

Can't change the title of issues

Jason Harris
created an issue

Starting with a few days ago I can no longer seem to edit the titles of issues. This is quite critical to me.

I have been editing the titles to get a priority and difficulty like so:

=Priority =Difficulty
P2 - High D2 - Hard
P3 - Normal D3 - Normal
P4 - Low D4 - Easy
P5 - Minor D5 - Trivial

That is P3D4 is something that is not too bad and relatively easy to fix. A P4D1 issue is a minor bug which is extremely hard to fix, etc...

The system works ok, see eg: http://bitbucket.org/jfh/machg/issues?status=new&status=open

In any case its quite important for the repository managers to be able to edit the titles if the user reported something which is actually something else.

(BTW although I have said it before: thanks for bitbucket!)

Comments (6)

  1. Bryan Hunt

    Broken again. Some of our guys aren't putting in descriptive titles, I go to rename the title - but my changes are ignored, the title immediately reverts to the previous title.

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