Issues list table overflows the page layout (Safari 5 on OS X 10.6.5) (BB-1035)

Issue #2315 resolved
Brett Epps
created an issue

Sorry to spam you with visual bugs but these are kind of annoying and I figured you'd appreciate knowing about them.

This is fixed for me if the table has "table-layout: fixed" and td.issues-list-number is given a width like 40px. (Otherwise that column collapses.) I've attached a screenshot showing the issue.

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  1. David Chambers

    Thanks very much, Brett. We absolutely do appreciate being informed of such problems.

    I'm sorry that quite a few things are not 100% at the moment. Unfortunately CSS changes — of which there have been many in recent weeks — often have unintended consequences, as I'm sure you're aware. The problem at the moment is that we don't have systems in place to prevent such regressions. Yesterday I had a thought: I'll write a script which'll open 30 or so browser tabs – one for each "page" on Bitbucket. This should help us to spot styling bugs before we release new code.

    The Bitbucket team is 100% committed to making the site awesome, and we're grateful for your support.

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