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Issue #2324 resolved

Inconsistent hyperlinking of author

Jesse Glick
created an issue

In the repo https://bitbucket.org/jglick/ml-hgext, there are some changesets made by the original author:

user: Marcus Lindblom macke@yar.nu

and some by me in a fork:

user: Jesse Glick jglick@bitbucket.org

In the HTML version of this page, my changes are listed as

<td class="author">Jesse Glick</td>

whereas Marcus's are listed as

<td class="author">Marcus Lindblom</td>

When I am logged in to the site, my name is given as plain text, whereas Marcus's is hyperlinked:

<a style="" href="/marcusl" title="Marcus Lindblom"> marcusl </a>

In https://bitbucket.org/jglick/ml-hgext/changesets also Marcus is hyperlinked while I am not (whether or not I am logged in):

<dd>Jesse Glick </dd>

<dd><a href="/marcusl">Marcus Lindblom</a> / <a href="/marcusl">marcusl</a></dd>

Why the inconsistency?

Comments (2)

  1. Jesper Noehr

    Hey Jesse,

    This is because you've specified jglick@bitbucket.org as your email address in the commit, which isn't the email address you've specified under your account settings.

    Once you commit with an email address that matches what you've specified under your account settings, this will work.

  2. Jesse Glick reporter

    But I'd rather use my @bitbucket.org address for commits. The email in my account settings is just a forwarding address for purposes of this site.

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