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Issue #2327 resolved

Issue Editor Content Box (BB-993)

Frank Villasenor
created an issue

I utilize the site in Firefox; I've noticed instances where the content box on the 'Create new issue' page doesn't properly expand. What end up happening is I can't see what I'm typing. If I try to expand it manually, it snaps back when I start typing covering everything.

Additionally, the Properties (on the right) end up overlapping the content box. The content box itself is off set to the right and doesn't line up with things.

Comments (7)

  1. Maya Studios

    I second this. This is very, very, very annoying. I'm using Firefox 3.6.13 on MacOSX. The same problem occurs with Firefox on Windows. To be sure I also tested a couple of other browsers:

    • Firefox (Mac): last line truncated
    • Firefox (WinXP): first and last line truncated
    • Safari (Mac): first line truncated
    • Opera (Mac): first line truncated
    • Chrome (WinXP): first line truncated
    • IE8 (WinXP): doesn't work at all due to script errors

    Please get this fixed. Or at least replace the text area with a regular HTML element (you know, with such strange stuff like scrollbars) temporarily until you found a fix.

  2. David Chambers

    Thanks very much for your comments, Sebastian, and for the screenshots. I'll make sure to get this done in the upcoming iteration, so expect to see the fix take effect late next week.

  3. David Chambers

    This was caused by an "autogrow" jQuery plugin that did nothing but frustrate users! We've removed the plugin and all references to it and now rely on browsers to handle `textarea` overflow – a much saner solution!

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