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Issue #2330 wontfix

User site repos don't resolve contents of subrepos

Rune Halvorsen
created an issue

Steps to repro:

create <account>.bitbucket.org repo

add a subrepo to it

try to browse the contents of the subrepo on http://<account>.bitbucket.org

Expected, files are browsable. Actual: they aren't.

Comments (3)

  1. Rune Halvorsen reporter
    • changed status to open


    I wasn't being clear in the steps to repro probably, as the "add a subrepo" step is rather involved :)

    What I'm referring to is the ability to add subrepos[1] to the <account>.bitbucket.org repo.

    If I add a subrepo and clone, everything is correct. The subrepo is also cloned. When accessing the same repo via runeh.bitbucket.org, the files in the subrepo are not accessible.

    You can try it by looking at http://runeh.bitbucket.org/sub/extension/index.html , which 404s. If you were using a local checkout of the repo, that file would be there

    [1] http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/Subrepository

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