No emails being received from services (either email-diff or email)

Issue #2355 resolved
Liza Daly
created an issue

I've tried multiple email addresses to different providers. I don't believe the service has ever worked for my current active repository. 'Email' did work on an earlier repository, when 'email-diff' did not work with private repos.

(These are both private repos.)

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  1. Keith Keith

    Email diffs are a critical feature for any repository. Can this be confirmed on bitbucket's end? 14 days is more than enough time to at least acknowledge an issue.

  2. Brodie Rao

    Hi Liza,

    Sorry for the delay in response. We try to keep up with the issue tracker as much as possible, but in the future, if you email, one of the developers on the team should respond to you within a business day.

    We recently issued two major fixes for repository brokers. One change fixed intermittent issues with brokers, the other was intended to install the necessary Mercurial hooks for brokers in repositories that didn't have them. Unfortunately, it looks like we our automated installation across all repos didn't fix every repository.

    I've corrected your repository manually. If you could test out the broker again and let me know if you're still having issues, that would be great.

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