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Issue #2369 resolved

unable to push

Vladimir Solomenchuk
created an issue

private repository https://bitbucket.org/vovasty/ipapka

tried via ssh, http, https - no luck.

{{{ vovasty@vovasty:/Users/vovasty/Documents/inttrust/ipapka/Documentation>hg push https://vovasty@bitbucket.org/vovasty/ipapka --debug using https://bitbucket.org/vovasty/ipapka http auth: user vovasty, password not set sending between command http authorization required realm: Bitbucket.org HTTP user: vovasty password: http auth: user vovasty, password ** pushing to https://vovasty@bitbucket.org/vovasty/ipapka sending capabilities command http auth: user vovasty, password ** capabilities: changegroupsubset stream lookup pushkey unbundle=HG10GZ,HG10BZ,HG10UN branchmap sending heads command http auth: user vovasty, password ** searching for changes common changesets up to 8d6d5d31422c sending branchmap command http auth: user vovasty, password ** 1 changesets found list of changesets: 7f64923ecdda4f2c611ebb4797e8efda71279ad3 bundling changes: 0 chunks bundling changes: 1 chunks bundling changes: 2 chunks bundling changes: 3 chunks bundling manifests: 0 chunks bundling manifests: 1 chunks bundling manifests: 2 chunks bundling manifests: 3 chunks bundling files: Documentation/AddreesBook.markdown 0 chunks bundling files: Documentation/AddreesBook.markdown 1 chunks bundling files: Documentation/AddreesBook.markdown 2 chunks bundling files: Documentation/AddreesBook.markdown 3 chunks bundling files: Documentation/DocumentStructure.markdown 4 chunks bundling files: Documentation/DocumentStructure.markdown 5 chunks bundling files: Documentation/DocumentStructure.markdown 6 chunks bundling files: Documentation/DocumentStructure.markdown 7 chunks bundling files: Documentation/ReadingWriting.markdown 8 chunks bundling files: Documentation/ReadingWriting.markdown 9 chunks bundling files: Documentation/ReadingWriting.markdown 10 chunks bundling files: Documentation/ReadingWriting.markdown 11 chunks sending unbundle command sending 1359 bytes

abort: error: }}}

Comments (2)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Vovasty,

    Can you let me know if you are still seeing this? I think you might have experienced a small Bitbucket hiccup. If you are still seeing the problem can you send a support email to support@bitbucket.org?



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