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Issue #2381 closed

following in public newsfeed (BB-923)

created an issue

i would find the public newsfeed that appears on my dashboard FAR more useful if there were a way to filter out certain events.

in particular, the vast majority of items in that feed are people beginning to follow and stopping the following of projects that i am watching. those events are meaningless to me (although people following and leaving my own projects are not meaningless to me).

those [meaningless to me] events so out-number other events in the feed that i can't use it at all. although if i could limit it to just seeing commits and other non-meaningless-to-me events, it would be very useful.

Comments (6)

  1. Brannon Hall

    I agree with this. There needs to be a way to filter out certain items from the newsfeed. I quit following projects, because they were cluttering up my newsfeed with meaningless (to me) follow/leave events.

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