Issues service not working for me

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Matt Chaput
created an issue

I have the Issues service set up on my repository (mchaput/whoosh) and it used to work (pre-acquisition, at least) but now doesn't anymore.

For an example where I had to manually close the bug after pushing a changeset with the "fixes" pattern in the message, see:



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  1. Brodie Rao

    This should be fixed now. Our switchover to HTTPS-only caused the broker to break (in a rather roundabout way).

    The gory details:

    To update issues, the issues broker makes an HTTP request against a special API for editing issues. Only internal hosts are allowed to access this API.

    When we put HAProxy in place for load balancing, we lost the ability to correctly set X-Forwarded-For for HTTPS requests. This wasn't an issue initially--the broker spoke to the API over HTTP--but with the switch to HTTPS, it suddenly looked like the broker wasn't an internal host.

    I've put a temporary fix in place that makes the broker bypass the load balancer and contact Bitbucket directly. Ideally, we'd use a Python-based API for manipulating issues, but the broker was originally open source and couldn't depend on any of our internal APIs.

    If we make the broker open source again in the future, we'd likely include a Python API for manipulating issues that uses Internally, we could replace that API with our own version that talks to the database directly.

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