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Issue #2417 resolved

Confirmation mail

Andreas Draheim
created an issue

Hi, I logged in my free account and was notified about an unconfirmed email address today. I then changed on my accpunt page as suggested, to resend the confirmation mail.

A few seconds later I clicked the confirmation link in the received confirmation email and .... nothing changed in the message on top of my repository dashboard.

So could you please provide me some help on handling this error? Thanks in advance Andreas

Comments (3)

  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    Hi Andreas,

    I can see that your confirmation failed, but I can't easily see why. The site asked you to log in first because you had no active session. What happens if you first log in and then click the link once more (to prevent to login-redirection-dance)?

    Cheers, Erik

  2. Andreas Draheim reporter

    Hi Erik,

    and the winner is ... you!

    With your advice to first login and then again click the confirmation link I succeeded and my mail address is confirmed now.

    Thank you for your help Andreas

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