Issue #2424 resolved

Wiki change from web UI commited twice (BB-1233)

Sergey Antonov
created an issue

I've just commited a change for my project wiki from the web UI, but the change commited twice:

First commit is the change itself

Second commit is empty, but with the same commit message

Just after update there was a notice on top of the page (I can't remember exactly):

{{{ NB: ... Updated files 0, Merged 1 }}}

Here is a wiki page: [[|]]

Clone the wiki repository and see the revision 90 (Added description for v1.6.1).

How can I strip this empty revision from my wiki repository ?

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    When we updated Bitbucket for Git we made the wiki edits such that if the page has changed between your initial revision we will not let you make the edit until you have reloaded the page.

    This should be fixed.

    Cheers, Dylan

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