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Issue #2435 resolved

Email notification preferences (BB-1119)

Peter Bui
created an issue

So I added a second email address and now I'm getting my notifications there rather than my primary address. Is there suppose to be a setting to specify which email address to get my notifications?

Comments (3)

  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    Hi Peter,

    Bitbucket will use your "oldest" confirmed address as your primary (so that's where your email notifications are sent and also the one used for your Gravatar, if you use that).

    We're busy adding the ability for you to manually select which should be the primary, but in the meantime there is a hacky workaround you could use:

    Since it's all about the "oldest" address, you can delete the address that you are currently getting your notifications on, forcing bb to start using your other address. Then you add it again, but because it is now "newer", it will not implicitly become your primary.

    Sorry for the clumsy workaround for now, but I hope it's helpful.

    Cheers, Erik

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