Branch graph mismatch when using individual tagging branch (BB-1121)

Issue #2438 closed
Mo Chen
created an issue

Hg's tag mechanism with two changesets for each tagging, a tagged changeset and a tagging changeset logged "Added tag xxx to changset xxxx", bring in an inequality between children branches of a tagged changeset: only one of them got the log about tagging history. This made me feel bad... so I created an individual tag branch to keep all tagging changesets: (check attachment hg-individual-tagging-branch.jpg)


Every time I append tags I do it like: {{{


$ hg update tag $ hg tag -r develop v1.0a1 $ hg update develop $ ...(do the following work on develop branch)


This work well for me, for hg log and for tortoiseHg. But when I pushed it to bitbucket, I recorgnize a mismatch near the tagging changeset: (check attachment bitbucket-branch-graph-mismatch.jpg)


The screenshot is from my project [[|IzayoiFramework]], near commit 204.

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