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Issue #243 wontfix

allow bugs to depend on each other

Chris Rebert
created an issue

Some basic form of issue dependency tracking would be nice.

Basically, be able to say that issue A depends on issues X, Y, and Z, and have A refer to X, Y, and Z on its page and give their statuses and/or titles. And vice-versa.

Comments (14)

  1. Eirik Stavem
    • changed status to open

    This was discussed early in the process of re-designing the issue tracker, and should definitely be part of an advanced issue tracker.

    I suggest we bring this up in our next meeting, along with some general thoughts regarding the future of the issue tracker. I think we're already moving away from our initial idea of a very basic tracker.. :)

  2. Mike Lissner

    I'm surprised that this is marked as wontfix. From my perspective, marking bugs as blockers is very necessary since pretty often while fixing one bug, I discover another that has to be resolved first. As it is, I can't relate them to each other and track the progress of both.

    This seems like fairly straightforward functionality. Any chance of reconsidering this?

  3. Luciano Longo

    Are you guys reconsidering this? Because if there's a 'blocker' status I think it would be a good feature to be able to mark which issue is being blocked.

    Besides, I have issues in some projects that would need this and I think it would be pretty cool if I could just centralize repo+issue tracker here instead of having a separate Bugzilla installation (needless to say that hour tracking would be fantastic).

  4. Pieter De Decker

    I'll put in another vote for bug dependencies. I don't need fancy graphics, cycle detection or anything like that. I just need to know the following:

    1. Which bugs are blocking progress on the bug I'm viewing
    2. Which bugs are being blocked by the bug I'm viewing
    3. Which open bugs are not blocked by other bugs
  5. Fortuitous

    Valuable to me. Agreed -- no need for graphic trees or such. But would be great to be able to assign a bug and indicate that it blocks another.

  6. Nathaniel Baughman

    Supporting a simple list of issue dependencies provides a great deal of functionality to an issue tracking system. For instance, several specific bugs often depend on a more general fix. Dependencies clearly show which bugs are waiting for the general fix (likely a proposal issue), which in turn helps explain why the proposal is important. Simple dependencies provide a lot of insight to a set of issues.

  7. Reece Hart

    I'd love to see dependency tracking (and roadmapping) too.

    Also, as a long-time Atlassian/Bitbucket user (both commercial and personal), I request that the staff and admins provide a short explanation of rationale when closing a ticket. Merely closing without an explanation is denying your users' opinions, and that'll be a failing strategy.

  8. IcyT

    This is also an important feature for me that I was hoping to see in Bitbucket. After finding this issue here and seeing that it is set as "wontfix", I was a bit shocked.

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