Repo Size Remains constant after stripping all revisions (BB-1138)

Issue #2442 resolved
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I foolishly committed a large binary file early in my revision history, and wanted to remove it. I locally used hg convert with a file list to get rid of it, but I needed to clean the bitbucket repo and push the fresh copy. Upon stripping all the changesets, the reported size of my project remained unchanged despite having 0 reported changesets.

This could indicate either an error in size reporting, or an error in how space is reclaimed after stripping.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Are you still seeing this problem? I ask because we just rolled out a change that makes the size of a repository be calculated in the background. We used to do it synchronously and that would sometimes hold up the rendering of a page view.

    With the new implementation there could be a delay in the size updating. Once you push a new changeset the size should update.

    Let me know, thanks,


  2. Brodie Rao

    While the repo size on the server won't always exactly match what you have locally, there is indeed an issue with size calculation: we include stripped revisions (and the wiki repo) in the total.

    I'll take a look at removing those two things from the total.

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