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Issue #2466 wontfix

Menu items unfold in background in internet explorer 7

Wolfgang Stamm
created an issue

I know that internet explorer 7 is not very up to date, but many companies still use it and prevent users from installing other browser. In IE 7, the menus such as the "Repositories" menu unfold when hovered, however they unfold in background and one cannot click any menu item. It would be very helpful if this can be fixed.

Comments (2)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Wolfgang,

    I am afraid that we are not supporting IE7.

    We have committed to support IE8 (and 9 when released), firefox 3 & 4, Safari, and Chrome.

    Together these browsers make up about 95% of our traffic. I am sorry if you have no option other than IE7 but we need to limit the number of browsers we support.



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