<<issue>> macro, news feed enhancements (BB-1210)

Issue #2476 closed
Travis Bradshaw
created an issue

== <<issue>> macro

Currently, <<issue i>> creates a link to an issue with the text "#i".

While extremely handy, the link isn't descriptive enough to be self sufficient when reading. In situation where many <<issue>> macros are present, one must visit each link to properly establish the context.

It would be great if the macro could be directed to display the title of the issue as well as link to the proper URL.

=== Suggested Mechanism ===

I'm not familiar with the development team's preferences on macro syntax or anything, I thought that perhaps something like this would be nice:

==== Case 1 ====

{{{ <<issue 6>> }}}

would behave just as it does now, generating a link like <<issue 6>>.

==== Case 2 ====

{{{ <<issue 6|arbitrary description>> }}}

Mirroring the link syntax in wikicrole, users could provide any description they would like for the link to create an [[http://www.example.com|arbitrary description]] link.

==== Case 3 ====

{{{ <<issue 6|>> }}}

An empty link description would use the issue issue number and title as the link text like "#6 Should be able to link to other issues".