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Issue #2491 wontfix

Arabic font in navigation menu?

Christian Weber
created an issue

Why is the font/language of the tabs in the navigation menu arabic?

(OS: Linux / Browser: Iceweasel)

Comments (2)

  1. Dylan Etkin


    Wow, that is pretty strange. Bitbucket does not currently do anything to translate the strings we render. This must be a browser issue.

    Do you have some plugin that is auto translating the portions of the site it can? Can you reproduce that in Firefox?

    In the end, I am afraid that we do not support Iceweasel. We have committed to supporting Firefox 3 & 4, Safari 5, Chrome and IE 8.

    If you figure out what is causing that, I would love to know, its kinda cool to see the site with arabic tab headers.

    Sorry I can not be of more help, Dylan

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