Cannot upload files consistently. (BB-1276)

Issue #2507 resolved
Jason McKesson
created an issue

I'm using Firefox v3.6.13, and I am unable to upload any downloadable files consistently. In order to make uploading work, I have to try to upload the file several times in a row, by repeatedly clicking "upload" and then "Continue" when the security warning pops up. And this results in a file who's name is repeated based on the number of upload/Continue cycles I needed to press before it actually started uploading.

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  1. Jason McKesson reporter

    More info:

    Firefox brings up a security dialog when I press "Upload." Normally, I just click through. But if I *don't* click through immediately, and let it sit there for a while, then click through, then everything works. The larger the file, the longer it seems I have to wait.

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