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Chris Rebert
created an issue

Add the ability to tag issues (ala blog posts). This could be overkill.

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  1. Eirik Stavem

    For next meeting :)

    If we go with the basic tracker still, then tagging can be used for pretty much anything the user decides to use it for. If we go ahead and make a(n even) more advanced tracker then tagging will probably just be confusing, since a lot of what you'd use tags for will already be covered by other fields.

  2. Jesper Noehr

    We've decided not to do this.

    Chris, as you are well aware (cf #248), we try to follow the KISS principle where we can, and adding tags to this tracker just adds a mountain of complexity.

    It allows for a lot more flexibility, yes, but it also gives you a lot more rope to hang yourself with. When we discussed this 5 months ago, we weren't sure whether this was a good idea or not, but time has shown that people do just fine with the tools they're given currently and the only thing really needed is perhaps the "importance"-field.

    I'm going to close this, but in case anyone strongly objects, feel free to reopen it.

  3. Jens Claes

    We currently have the component field but the problem is that you can't assign multiple of those... I think it can be really useful for many projects with overlapping components... It can also be useful for giving the issue a property that is currently unavailable...

    To still follow the KISS principle a bit, I'd suggest using pre-defined tags / repo. I'd also suggest having a look at how github does it...

  4. Sidney Lins

    What a pitty that this will not be done! To use the field 'type' with its limited options (bug, enh, prop, task) is really not enough for us.

    You should really reconsider this, IMO.

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