"forked a repo" Newsfeed displays wrong links if target repo has been deleted since then (BB-1279)

Issue #2510 resolved
Nicolas Dumazet
created an issue

==== Current ==== Fork userA/repo to userB/repo (hack, hack; pull request; merge changes in userA's repo) delete userB/repo check userB's newsfeed, it will display:

forked //unknown// as repo

Originating repository has since been deleted.

(//unknown// and //repo// are both links to the homepage http://bitbucket.org )

==== Expected ==== Since userA/repo is still here, you can link to the source repo. I understand that the target is gone, and //unknown// is good enough, but somehow the logic is wrong, as the originating repository is still here: only the destination repository is gone.

Thanks guys :)

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