adding attachment not noted in issue

Issue #252 resolved
Chris Rebert
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In a new comment, add an attachment to the issue

Note that the fact you added an attachment (much less which attachment) isn't shown in your comment like if you e.g. changed the milestone. It probably should be.

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  1. Chris Rebert reporter
    • changed status to open

    Styling nitpick: Shouldn't the message be more like:

    → Attached file: Hyperlinked_filename.ext

    since Bitbucket's issue tracker seems to use arrows to indicate system messages?

  2. Chris Rebert reporter

    Also, just tested and apparently the attachment is not noted in the email notification.

    To repro:

    1. file a new issue and choose to "follow updates" to it
    2. add an attachment to the issue in a comment, but leave the "content" field empty
    3. you get a issue tracker notification email
    4. note that the email is essentially blank

    Expected behavior: The attachment should be noted under a "Changes" section, just like with state changes

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