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Issue #2533 invalid

Could not pull from private repo

George Notaras
created an issue

Hello. In order not to violate the license of my software, I do not allow public forking of my repository, because the forks must not use the name of the original software in their name.

The situation is the following:

  • I create a public repo, but not allow public forks.
  • Someone creates a private fork and makes changes
  • He then places a pull request in my repo.

The problem is that it would not let me pull the changeset. The only place where I could find the changeset was in the /descendants section of my repo. Then again it was only available in HTML form as displayed by the browser. No possibility to download the diff in plain text format or pull it in my repo on bitbucket.

I either do it wrong or something is not implemented correctly there.

Thanks for your time.

Comments (1)

  1. Mehmet Catalbas

    Hi George,

    Currently, pull request is just a notification message informing repository owner to pull from forks, it does not facilitate a pull from the web interface. So you still need to pull from a fork by hg pull fork-address.

    Hope this helps,

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