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Issue #2535 closed

REST API doesn't return well-formed xml (BB-1316)

Piotr Stefan Stefaniak
created an issue


When I use Bitbucket REST API to retrieve the list of branches in xml format:


I've got (in firefox, or in SAXReader): {{{


XML Parsing Error: not well-formed Location: https://api.bitbucket.org/1.0/repositories/atlassian/connector-idea/branches/?format=xml Line Number 2, Column 7114: }}} and indeed, on the column 7114 above repository has branch named "2.4.2-FULL" {{{


(...) <raw_node>6cd94950154e96607eaa29de2bacc4b1fdc5fdbb</raw_node> <parents> <resource>727303d86b73</resource> </parents> <branch>ACC-16</branch> <message>ACC-16: removed ValueNotYetInitilized exception.</message> <revision>3745</revision> <size>7624</size> </ACC-16> <2.4.2-FULL> <!-- HERE, this is column 7114 --> <node>eccefaade98f</node> <files> <resource> <type>modified</type> (...) }}}

The branch name starts with a number character and I assume it can't be used as valid xml element name. (http://www.w3schools.com/XML/xml_elements.asp)

Is this a bug in Bitbucket REST API?

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