Creating patch queue did not complete after more than four days.

Issue #2542 resolved
Jérôme Berger
created an issue

I tried to create a patch queue four days ago for repository and it is still not created. When I go to the page for the patch queue, I get a message stating that it is being created and that if it takes too long, I should go to the admin page, delete it and retry. Unfortunately, when I try to go to the admin page I get another error message stating simply that an error occurred.

I tried to re-create another patch queue anyway in case it was a one time error, but the second one is in the same state.

The relevant patch queues are: and

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  1. Brodie Rao

    Sorry about that. We had some hiccups while rolling out some new repository storage infrastructure last week, and some repos didn't get created properly.

    I've created your repos manually; they should be accessible now.

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