Switching username loses history. (BB-1082)

Issue #2554 resolved
Jake Basile
created an issue

I wanted to change my username, but I found out that I had a previous account that I must have forgotten about laying around unused with that same name. I logged into the old one and changed it to something else, and then changed my primary account to the same name. Now, if I look at my activity feed, it is showing the one action I ever took with the old account, and nothing that I previously did with my current one.

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  1. Jake Basile reporter

    Thanks for fixing it, but I'm not seeing the information back yet. Is it going to wait until the next release? Were you able to recover my old data?

  2. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Jake,

    Sorry for the lack of response. Yes, when you switched username while the bug was in effect your history was lost. The bug has been fixed so if you switched again you should not lose history.

    Sorry for the trouble but it was destructive bug and there was no way for us to recover the information.



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