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Issue #2577 resolved

Definition lists in wiki do not render properly. (BB-1394)

Krys Lawrence
created an issue

Hi there,

When trying to create a definition list on a wiki page, the results do not render correctly. For example:

; Term
Definition }}}

renders as

{{{ Definition }}}

"Term" does not show up. It seems to just be a CSS issue since the HTML of the resulting page does include the <dt> and the <dd>.

Anyway, your help docs indicate that you support definition lists, but if they do not show up properly, then that's not really true. It would be nice if they worked, though.

Thanks for the awesome site!


Comments (4)

  1. David Chambers

    Thanks very much for the bug report, Krys. As an advocate of meaningful markup, the definition list is among my favourite elements (probably second equal with the `time` element).

    It's my fault that definition terms in wikis are not visible at the moment. We're using definition lists throughout the site, and in the majority of cases we're hiding (from sighted visitors, at least) the `dt`s. I now realize that applying this styling to `dt`s globally is a bad idea. I'll make sure that a fix for this goes out in this week's release.

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