API: Provide access to repo admins/writers/readers (BB-1406)

Issue #2580 closed
Waldemar Kornewald
created an issue

The djangopackages.com site currently only lists a single user as the owner of a repository because bitbucket's API doesn't seem to provide access to the admins/writers of a repo. Could you please extend the API with the full listing of users who have write access to the repo? Thanks!

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  1. Waldemar Kornewald reporter
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    Hi Dylan, unfortunately that API doesn't solve the problem because it can only be called by a repo owner/admin. The djangopackages.com site tries to access this information for (public) repositories that it doesn't have admin access to.

    Note that on github it's possible to just get the list of collaborators without being the owner:

    $ curl http://github.com/api/v2/json/repos/show/pypy/pypy/collaborators

    We need the same non-authenticated API for public repositories (private repositories shouldn't be accessible, of course).

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