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Issue #2614 resolved

Notifications screen doesn't work (BB-1457)

James Roper
created an issue

I've been trying to view the notifications screen (https://bitbucket.org/account/notifications/) to turn off the stupid emails I get every time someone grants a group I'm in (atlassian developers) access to a repository. But when I do, the screen sits there for about 10 seconds, before 503ing.

By the way, do we really want notifications when a group you're in is granted access to a repository? There are over 100 Atlassian developers, do they really all need to know when someone shares their 20% project with the Atlassian developers group?

Comments (4)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    The notifications page is unload-able for me as well we will fix that soon.

    I do think that emailing users about repos they have access to via groups is a good idea. I believe that you are in the extreme case, being in a group of 130 very active users. For most Bitbucket users they will not be in a group of more than 5-10 and I believe that they would like to be notified of access to new repos.

    The real solution is finer-grained notification settings. We do have an open issue for this but it is not on our short-medium term roadmap.

  2. Mehmet Catalbas

    Hi James,

    We have some performance problems on notifications page, and we've just deployed a fix to mitigate the issue, but there is still room for improvement. You should be able to view that page just normal, now.

    You can also disable email notifications from your account page.

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