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Issue #2616 resolved

Download files are not up to date

Marko Käning
created an issue

I have uploaded a file to a repo of mine. (makeicns)

The I noticed that I had to make some changes to the file, so I deleted it from BB and uploaded the new file of the same name (makeicns-1.4.3.tar.bz2) once again.

When downloading the file by using the mouse, i.e. downloading from the browser, all is fine, meaning I get the latest version of the file.

When I use wget, however, {{{ wget http://bitbucket.org/mkae/makeicns/downloads/makeicns-1.4.3.tar.bz2 }}} still the old file is being served!!!

Looks like there is a bug or a huge time lag between web interface and access via http.

How can that be?

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Marko,

    That is really strange. Access via wget or access via a webbrowser is exactly the same thing as far as the Bitbucket web application is concerned. Could wget be caching for you?

    Could you try running wget with the debug flag enabled and see if it reports that it is using a cache of some sort? If it still gives you the old file can you post the log to this issue?



  2. Anonymous

    Yep, that surprised me too, since I thought that wget and browser should be one and the same thing. Caching I did not expect, since I am not using a caching proxy...

    Currently I unfortunately don't have my iMac hooked up to the internet. Due to moving I won't be able to have normal internet for a few days, perhaps 2 weeks. I'll try to supply you with more data about this issue when I am online again.

    So, please leave this on hold for now, but don't close the isseue

    Thanks for your response!

  3. Anonymous

    Does wget actually cache itself?

    Anyway, I just remembered that I renamed the file at bitbucket, so that wget would download the correct current version.

    This means, I'd have to come up with another dedicated test as soon as I am back with my machine.

  4. Anonymous

    OK, I've found wget's option


    That clarifies the issue, I guess.

    BitBucket's server always sends the cached version to my wget client, which caused the problem. Thanks for pointing this out!

  5. Marko Käning reporter
    • changed status to open

    Could it be that there is a caching misconfiguration of the BitBucket server?

    Even without the "--no-cache" option the server itself should know that the file being served has changed at its original location?

    It's not wget which is caching here, it is the server's cache, that's what I understood only today.

    The same problem exists with curl if you don't explicitly forbid it to use the cache. See here: http://lists.macosforge.org/pipermail/macports-dev/2011-May/014786.html

    Hope this information helps to figure out what's going on here.

  6. G. Condello

    I'm sorry for replying to this closed bug, but I'm experiencing the same issue of the Reporter. The file is really small (around 300 bytes, it's just an xml) and I can't find a way to reliably upload a new version of the same without changing the filename. Using different browsers or the "incognito" mode did not help

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