Allow existing repo to become a fork (BB-509)

Issue #262 closed
Peter Arrenbrecht
created an issue

It would be nice if an existing repo could later become a fork of another project after the fact. For instance, tksoh just moved his TortoiseHg repos to bitbucket and now I would like to make my thg-hg-crew-tip repo a fork of this (albeit at a given rev).

I know I could just kill and recreate the repo, but that would throw followers off, wouldn't it?

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  1. Martin Geisler

    I don't think this should be done automatically, because then "mercurial", "mercurial-crew", "mercurial-crew-stable" would all become forks of "mercurial". While true, it's more sensible to see "mercurial-crew" a fork of "mercurial" and "mercurial-crew-stable" as a fork of "mercurial-stable".

    So I suggest letting the user chose freely among the repositories on Bitbucket with the same initial revision. It could just be a simple text box where the user enters a repository name, and it is then checked that the two repositories really share a common initial revision.

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