Wiki: <<toc>> command doesn't work in edit/preview mode

Issue #2629 resolved
Botond Xantus
created an issue

I just created my first wiki here on BitBucket, and wanted to add 'Table of Contents' to one of my pages. I inserted <<toc>> on the beginning of the document, and pushed 'Preview', but nothing happened.

The preview just displayed '<<toc>> ' on the top of the page.

When I saved the page, the 'TOC' was generated as expected.

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  1. Botond Xantus reporter

    related to: #561

    Last comments says, that

    in preview mode displays the raw macro tough...

    So this is a feature ?

    If yes, I think you could update the tutorial, so newcomers don't get confused and think that

    doesn't work.

  2. Mehmet Catalbas


    I'm confused. You always add <<toc>> to the wiki page and it shows <<toc>> in preview mode and TOC of that page when you save it as expected.

    Wiki macro error: expected string or buffer was an error message caused by a bug before.

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