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Issue #2634 wontfix

svn bridge does not support svn cp (BB-1517)

created an issue

Hello, I was very happy to see bitbucket offers an svn bridge with real functionality (esp. compared to github, whose svn bridge is basically nonfunctional). However I noticed one limitation.

If you attempt to svn commit to bitbucket after performing the "svn cp" command (or "svn copy", or for that matter "svn move") you will get this error message:

svn: Server sent unexpected return value (405 METHOD NOT ALLOWED) in response to COPY request for '/runhello/hgtest/!svn/bc/3/trunk/dir1'

Although this does not actually prevent use of the bridge (because it is possible to just manually copy and then svn add the item to be copied), it seems unfortunate because there is a copy primitive in hg so it seems like it shouldn't be hard to tweak your script to translate svn COPY to hg copy.

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