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Issue #2639 invalid

push/pull URLs are inconsistently URL encoded/decoded

Anonymous created an issue


We use KilnHg; as such our usernames are email addresses and contain @ symbols. I would like to use to the


syntax for push/pull URLS. To do this I encode the @ in my username to %40. However, tortoise has some issues with encoding/decoding this correctly: When I try to connect, the %40 is decoded to an @ sign again (i.e. I get username@emailDomain@hostname) which doesn't work. So as a workaround I encode it twice (i.e. in place of an @ I now use %2540). This works fine ... until I try to update my URL and re-save it through the tortoise GUI; each time I save it, the URL is decoded a single pass (so an address initially containing %2540 becomes %40, then an @ symbol)

As a workaround I'm just editing the hgrc file directly and leaving it double-escaped (%2540).

cheers as always for your assistance

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