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Issue #2648 wontfix

Wiki Navigation Not Consistent

Michael Cox
created an issue

I'm not sure what the intended functionality is here, but it seems inconsistent. Go to this page:


If you look at the wiki navigation on that page, you see Home | History | Wiki Markup. That's fine.

But I've created a second page here:


If you go to that page, the navigation is Home | Developer Configuration | History | Wiki Markup.

So that second page only shows up in the navigation when I'm on the page. If I'm on the Home page, I can't see it.

Comments (2)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Michael,

    Those are supposed to be breadcrumbs, not full wiki navigation.

    Our wiki is intensionally pretty basic. If you would like to have navigation to all of your wiki pages the idea is that you will make your home page contain the links to the wiki pages you would like to display.

    The breadcrumbs are just there to make navigating back to home easier.

    Thanks for reporting,


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