Wiki History Showing Someone Else's History (BB-1537)

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Michael Cox
created an issue

If I go to my repository here, while logged in as me:

And then Report a Bug to bitbucket at (this is the 3rd I've submitted in the last 20 minutes or so).

And then go back to my wiki. If I click on "History" I get a history that isn't mine. Screenshot attached. I'm not actually sure which project that history belongs to. To get this to go away, I need to logout and log back in.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    We have a number of issues around our overly aggressive caching on the site. I think that is what you are seeing here. We will look into this right away.

    Thanks for reporting,


  2. Mehmet Catalbas

    Hi Michael,

    When I clone the wiki and run hg log, I see this:

    changeset:   2:f12c015dacdc
    user:        Michael Cox <>
    date:        Sat Mar 26 23:52:52 2011 +0100
    summary:     Noticed the byline doesn't show up to the public.  Added it to the wiki.
    changeset:   1:8c01a34565b1
    user:        Michael Cox <>
    date:        Sat Mar 26 23:37:49 2011 +0100
    summary:     Removed default content - added our own placeholder.
    changeset:   0:0e547ee1820e
    user:        Michael Cox <>
    date:        Sun Mar 20 02:41:20 2011 +0100
    summary:     Creating default page

    This seems to be the same content with the screenshot you have attached. Why do you think you're seeing somebody else's wiki history?

  3. Michael Cox reporter
    • removed component

    You're right, my mistake. I saw the anonymous user and entries that weren't related to the source code (this page is wiki-specific) and must have been confused between this page and the main Changesets page.

    Weird that the changesets don't show my name/photo if the repository itself is holding the correct username, but that's a separate much less important issue.

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