Clicking on a changeset seems to kick over the bucket (BB-1539)

Issue #2650 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

Also clicking on RSS feed!

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Damien,

    Our site times out when an operation takes longer than 30 seconds to complete. There is likely a performance issue you are running into that is being exposed by your specific data. Can you let me know what repo you are seeing this on? Is that repo private or public?



  2. Anonymous

    Hi Dylan,

    Sure. It's a private repo under my account called PicStroom.

    It does feel a little slow when doing a push.


  3. Anonymous

    Looked at this a bit further and I just noticed that some large "IDE project state" files were checked in that are used by XCode that don't need to be under source control. One of the files is a 10mb binary.

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