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It seems, currently, there is no way to see the newly created (using '+new' link) page on the wiki home page. It would be a good feature which may help to create good documentations with sub-pages.

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  1. Mark Hughes

    Can't see a way to indicate interest/affected by, so let me pipe up that the wiki it very clumsy as it is currently put together. A page list would help enormously.

  2. Jeffrey Kleiss

    Up Vote.

    Wiki is useless unless you have a way to show a directory listing of all the wiki pages, or the ability to create a link in a page which automatically creates a page.

  3. ProfElm

    For everyone that's trying to do this, I found a temporary solution.

    Assuming that you name all the pages in a consistent manner and they all have h1 headings for the page title, you can just use <<toc / 1>> Which will display all the H1's in the Wiki (So if you have a page with two H1's, that page will technically appear twice but will appear as the content of that h1 tag).

  4. Marcus Bertrand staff

    As the other user posted above, we do have the <<toc / 1>> macro which will display your wiki pages in a list, on a wiki page. This issue is still in our backlog for review.

  5. Dan Mandle

    What's the point of a Wiki if you can't navigate the content? Is there any way to access the pages created online other than creating a hard hyperlink to it?

  6. Anonymous

    Check the Recent Activity RSS feed on the Overview page. That will list the pages for a short while.

  7. Joe di Stefano

    Changed status to On Hold - with no message as to why?

    There's 20 watchers on this ticket. People really want to use the wikis. Can we get some/any communication on what's going on?

  8. Iain Haslam

    A Markdown wiki seems to be near-useless without this. As things stand, the alternative is manually creating the list of pages, and remembering not to leave any orphaned?

    We are developers; repetition does not become us.

    Related point for those finding the same problem - the <<toc / 1>> workaround only works in Creole pages - there is no equivalent for the default Markdown ([TOC] is for the current page only, and offers no path depth option). I created a stand-alone index page, containing ONLY that macro, as the single Creole page in my wiki and linked to it from elsewhere - [Index](index)

  9. Rob Vesse

    I wrote a little tool for my own use which will check whether wikis are valid which may be of use to people concerned by this issue.

    This covers stuff like orphaned or poorly linked pages, broken links etc.

    It is by no means complete and doesn't yet cover markdown formatted pages but only because I use Creole and didn't get round to it yet.


  10. Lea Hayes

    It would be really nice to have a sidebar down the right side of all Wiki pages (perhaps a special page called which can list either an automatic TOC or at the very least a manual TOC to make it easier to navigate around a Wiki.

  11. Anonymous

    I agree. I am manually creating an index on the home page of the other wiki pages, not the most elegant way of dealing with this issue. This needs to be amended.

  12. Igor Santos

    So, will we need to keep upvoting this forever or you have any plan of implementing this important feature? Do we have any other place to track this issue, or is the JIRA tracker closed for the public?

  13. Milos Levacic

    Please, everybody, stop writing the "+1"s. It's enough if you just "Watch" this issue to let Bitbucket know of its "popularity". If you keep writing the "+1" comments (without any actual substance whatsoever), you're only spamming and annoying everyone who's watching this issue, which might lead to people "unwatching" it, which is contradictory to everyone's wishes.

    tl;dr: If you don't have anything constructive to say, please don't say anything.

  14. Jeffrey Kleiss

    I that is the case, why can't I order the bugs on number of watchers? It would be great to see which are the top bugs based on watchers, and then people would know to use watching as voting. Do you know how to see the top bugs by watchers?

  15. Desenvolvimento CalangoMusic

    @bo_leer_andersen good point, I didn't think about that.

    Confluence is too much for some cases where you are the lone developer of a project and just need a simple index for your Google Code

    We could always use a pre-commit hook to summarize all page titles, filenames and links into But that's only for developers who are writing the wiki via source control directly (my case)

  16. Anonymous

    Does anyone know why new pages are ghosts pages, home page is not updated and there is no way to see page created with "new" button ? It's an important functionnality which is neglected here.

  17. Ian Hawley

    102 watchers but only 55 votes. If you haven't voted but are watching I suggest voting. With the vote option the +1s shouldn't be needed - just vote it up!

  18. David Eastman


    • The developer(s) truly don't understand the issue, which seems unlikely

    • Improving this functionality is thought to encroach on Confluence; which is dumb but I can imagine a manager taking this view.

    • Work on Bitbucket is about to be halted or similar.

    • This thread and all it's contributors are in an alternate branch of reality no longer accessible to Atlassian.

  19. MikeS

    Atlassian: It's really frustrating to see feature requests like this go un-addressed when so many users are pleading for it and especially for ones that don't seem like they should be large in scope.

    A few days ago I got an email survey from Atlassian that was asking how positively I felt about Atlassian and how likely I would be to recommend it. I'm not sure you guys realize how ignoring requests like this has on a large number of people's feelings about Atlassian and their resultant desire to recommend Atlassian to others. I can promise you it's not a positive effect.

  20. Michael Andreacchio

    Comment from #3444 :

    The wiki feature is so basic and barebones. 
    It's a fantastic idea to have a wiki attached to a repo, 
    but since it's so unusable we're forced to use other better alternatives like Google Drive.
  21. Ricardo Graça


    To anyone who's thinking of adding yet another useless "+1" comment: don't.

    You want to help move this forward? Cast an actual vote. It's up there on the right side of the page where it says "Vote for this issue". Have you voted already? Great, then your job here is done, move along.

    If anyone else adds one more useless comment I'm removing my vote from this issue. I prefer not having a list of all the wiki pages than to keep receiving useless email updates, AKA spam.


    Q: Why did you say there was an important announcement but it's just you complaining about "+1" comments? A: Because otherwise you wouldn't have read it.

    Q: Do you work for Atlassian? A: No.

  22. Thien Ha Flash

    such a basic feature missing for more than two years, almost 2014 now, should I send one more vote ? will anybody at bitbucket will ever read this ? Very frustrated :(

  23. Michael A

    The integrated wiki and bug tracker was the reasons I went with BitBucket. Wiki is an important tool. The extremely poor wiki is a huge detriment and disappointment. It is a bit unfair to Atlassian, that the good work they do get smeared by the flies in the ointment, but this is actually a huge log in the eye.

    If you don't want to compete with your own products then please remember that the better impression you give the more positive people will be to invest in you. But if you give even a slightly bad impression people will be dramatically less inclined to invest. Unfair, but true. Except for Apple.

  24. Eric Franz

    People, as a workaround, use a wiki the way its meant to be used!

    Don't just create orphaned pages. Ignore the shiny "Create" button. Instead:

    1. create a link to a new (missing page) on your home page
    2. follow the link to the missing page
    3. create that page

    That is how wikis are supposed to be used. Don't create orphaned pages in the first place!

  25. Teal Software

    Atlassian, are you kidding me?

    I know you want to differentiate this from Confluence so that people still buy Confluence but using THIS PARTICULAR FEATURE!?

    At least provide a way to find all orphaned pages.

    Very disappointing.

  26. Jason Boyle

    Eric Franz -- if you already created a page and don't remember the specific URL slug for it, how do you suggest you find it in that case?

    We should immediately copy the URL and make a link to it but it doesn't help those who didn't realize they wouldn't be able to see a list out of all the pages in their wiki somehow.

    You'd think this would be in a repo on the user's Bitbucket account... but if it is, it's not visible to them. Your suggestion isn't a work around, it's an extra step people need to take because Atlassian didn't care. When wikis are normally generated you can see all the files you have. Stop defending laziness.

  27. Ethan Garofolo

    Jason Boyle, I may have misunderstood you, but you can get a clone of your wiki repo. Up next to the edit, create, and history buttons, there's one that says "Clone Repo".

    In absence of this feature this issue is talking about, I've taken to authoring all my wiki content locally and just pushing the changes up.

  28. Eric Franz

    Jason Boyle -- I agree its silly on Atlassian's part to create a button on a wiki that creates orphaned pages without offering an easy way to access a list of those orphaned pages (or all the pages on it).

    That said, I think its bad practice to create a bunch of orphaned pages. Create a link first, then follow that link, then create the page. That way the wiki grows like a tree. I used DokuWiki for 2 years without ever creating a single orphaned page.

  29. Matt Savage

    Probably most of us aren't creating orphaned pages straight off. Accidentally deleting the parent links will also do it.

    A list of contents would be useful even if you don't have any orphaned pages- sometimes you forget where you put the link.

  30. Darrell Bennington

    I use Confluence at work and had assumed the wiki here would be some subset of that, but the lack of this functionality is horrible - especially since this issue was reported 3 years ago with no sign from Atlassian that they care to address it.

    Atlassian - either fix it already or mark as won't fix, don't just leave it hanging here.

  31. David Eastman

    Eric, if I'm working with DokuWiki, in a collaborative environment, I usually think about where a page links from so that others can naturally see a context.

    That has little to do with Atlassian refusing to fix a simple page creation bug.

  32. Zachary Davis

    Thank you everyone for your feedback and patience. We've deployed a "breadcrumb" feature to wiki pages that allows you to browse the contents of the wiki.

    We hope to continue to make improvements and to make it more discoverable, but we wanted to get this functionality out there and gather feedback.

    Cheers, Zach

  33. Paul Rayes

    @Aleksey Barabanov @Vinay V Those instructions are for a completely different feature that's been here for a while.

    Look at the top of any page in your wiki, you will see a breadcrumb trail showing the physical location of the file, and you can click any folder name to get a listing of the pages and folders within that folder. It does include Markdown files.

  34. Zachary Davis

    Thanks for the feedback @Derek Bowes . We definitely considered that option, but after talking with some users we found that most people preferred to keep the Home page as the initial view. We'll continue to monitor user feedback around this.

  35. Jeremy Greenwood

    Would be great if Atlassian/bitbucket would support their core product (Confluence) by making it a standard part of their ecosystem, instead of delivering an apparently deliberately clunky alternative (borderline useless without hacks).

    Perhaps the same can be said for the bitbucket issue tracker and JIRA, but at first glance that appears to be more usable.

    I was really excited to setup a small bitbucket team and project only to find out they are holding back on their most valuable products with water-down alternatives. Even more disappointing to find out they don't have fundamental functionality such as a hierarchical listing of subwikis!

    On a side note I really like the pricing model which starts out free for five or less users and scales with company growth (e.g. number of users). Unfortunately this doesn't apply to two out of three of the bitbucket core features (wikis/confluence and issue tracking/JIRA).

  36. RaffiI

    I think the basic needs must be addressed regarding BitBucket wiki's

    1. While a breadcrumb is useful, what we need is a markdown syntax other than [TOC] which provides a table of contents for top level pages in the Wiki

    2. Yes, the feature is available in creole. But not everyone is a cretin.

  37. Frank McPolin

    Guys, just create the home page in creole, use << toc / 1 >> and then you are free to make all other pages in markdown.

    All you have to do is make sure that the first line of your new page in the content window is

    hashtag space Page Title

    Then as if by magic hat page will appear in the TOC on your home page.

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