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Issue #2669 resolved

OpenId account creation does not seem to work

Anonymous created an issue

I'm trying to create a new BitBucket account with my openid, track16.pip.verisignlabs.com. I go to the signup page, click on the openid open to select open id, and the "OpenID URL" field appears. I type in my open id and click the "Log In" button. The result is that I'm back on the login page with my open id cleared from the field... with no kind of error message or other indication of what to do next.

The common next step (whenever I use my openid on a site for the first time) is to see a screen which asks me which of my openid information i wish to share, but I'm not getting that far. Perhaps I'm missing something here?

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous

    I just retried this, and it seemed to work ok this time. I'm not entirely sure what I could have done differently, since the form is pretty simple, but I'm happy that it works ok now.

    Thanks for looking into this so speedily!

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