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Anthony Steiner created an issue


It would be awesome if adding a group had the same parameters as updating. Giving API a chance to create the group and set the permissions/privileges and the like in one fell swoop.

As it stands my PHP Api library is making two requests, 1 to create and another to set the attributes of the group, it's not very efficient.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Anthony,

    I realize that the API forces you to be a bit more chatty but we felt it was the more restful approach. We figured that groups and their membership would not be something you would be creating all the time and that the 1 extra call would be pretty reasonable.

    Thanks for reporting but I think we will leave the resource as is for now. We do hope to revamp the whole REST API at some point and perhaps we will readress it then.



  2. Anthony Steiner reporter

    Just a suggestion, I come from a DBA background, so redundant database calls make me irk. lol

    But you're absolutely right. The query will likely be made so far and few it's probably fine the way it is.

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